The Roommate Review and Trailer VIDEO

The Roommate Review: The Roommate Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

Are you going to see The Roommate movie this weekend? For a sneak peek, you can watch The Roommate movie trailer video below. The Roommate reviews are slowly trickling in, and they really aren’t too favorable.

The Roommate is basically a newer version of Single White Female, and stars Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly. The two girls become college roommates, and Meester’s character basically goes mental and becomes obsessed with Kelly’s character.

Here is a roundup of The Roommate reviews:

Moviefone - “The Roommate is an auto-tuned horror movie; a mechanically processed imitation of a thriller that is hollow, joyless, lifeless and utterly artificial in origin.”

Fearnet - “The Roommate is not a film. It’s a shameless, redundant, and harrowingly vacant rendition of 15 others movies, as told by a bunch of breathless young mannequins who all look like older, pricier movie stars.”

Broward Times – “The Roommate is a plagiarized, campus-set Single White Female pitched to teens.”

After reading The Roommate reviews and watching The Roommate movie trailer, will you still go see it?

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