Tura Satana: Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves: Tura Satana

I am deeply saddened to report that cult vixen Tura Satana passed away yesterday at the age of 73. You can watch a clip of her at her best as Varla in Russ Meyer's "Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill."

I can't remember the first time I saw Tura Satana on screen but I was still young and I can't tell you what an impression she made on me when I saw her in Russ Meyer's "Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill." She was dressed in black with a plunging neckline that revealed some awe-inspiring cleavage. She also had black boots and black leather gloves that seemed to imply she was ready for any kind of action that could come her way. She had long black hair with severe bangs that framed her face in a dramatic and hard way. But what was most memorable was how she obeyed no rules. She was like a force of nature that ripped through a film, and nothing and no one could contain or control her. She was simply breathtaking to watch because she oozed danger and you never knew what she might do.

As a young woman it was impressive to see a woman on screen who was supremely confident and thoroughly unconcerned with what society or anyone thought of her behavior. She was also like sex incarnate, but not a sex object like so many women in Hollywood were. She was like a film noir femme fatale on steroids. She was dangerous like them and able to operate in a man's world. But those 40s femme fatales had to use sex to manipulate men and succeed in a man's world. Tura didn't need to use sex to get what she wanted, she just took whatever she wanted. But she used men -- and even women -- to feed what seemed like an insatiable sexual appetite. Here's just a little taste of her onscreen charisma in "Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill."

Tura Satana was a unique icon. No one before or after her has had quite the same ferocious vitality and sexuality. She will be deeply missed. I may have to turn my "Faster Pussycat" lunchbox into a shrine for her.

Russian Spy Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman: Russian Spy Anna Chapman Trademarks Name

Anna Chapman, the Russian spy who was busted in the US and sent back to her home country, is looking to expand on her celebrity stature by trademarking her name.

Reuters reported that Chapman, 28, filed to trademark the name “Anna Chapman” in August.

"Maybe she wants to open the 'Anna Chapman' dry-cleaner or make cookies," Nikolai Kravtsov, an official at the Russian trademark agency, joked to the news agency.

Since being deported, Chapman has appeared on the front of tabloids and magazines, and made a number of public appearances, achieving celebrity status in her home country. According to the Reuters report, Chapman registered her name for merchandise such as clothing, watches, vodka, and other items. The trademark would last until 2020.

Last year, she and a number of other alleged Russian spies were exposed in the US, and were deported and swapped with US agents held in Russia.

The St. Petersburg Times newspaper reported that Chapman also started her own television show last Friday, saying she “will reveal all the secrets” of her life on the show.

The show is called “Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman.”

Rosemont and Cheney challenged

Rosemont and Cheney challenged under same law

Analysis by Wick Environmental Liaison Dick Kamp 1/27/11

The news in late December, 2010 was a bit puzzling, and a different tangent for the controversial Rosemont Mine issue. Save the Scenic Santa Ritas (SSSR) and FICO pecan orchards, joined by the Center for Biological Diversity were challenging the Coronado National Forest over lack of compliance with the 1972 Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA). FACA is governed by the General Services Administration (GSA).

They asked the Coronado to cease allowing Augusta Resource/Rosemont to attend cooperating (local, tribal, state, fed) agency committee meetings and to establish a FACA committee. They claimed that by allowing Rosemont to attend the agency meetings, with no anti-Rosemont public representation, the Forest Service had an illegal FACA committee.

Assistant Forest Supervisor Reta Ford rather quickly dismissed these grounds as well as their proposal that either a new process begin to develop a draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)-or that a formal FACA process begin A process bureaucratic and formal representing every type of interest likely to be impacted by the mine. The groups reserved the right to take legal action quickly if Coronado didn't resolve the situation.

FICO attorney Dinah Bear said in an email, "The principal exemption... applicable in the context of cooperating agencies is the (1995) provision that exempts meetings attended only by state, local and tribal governmental representatives. There are other exceptions - such as meetings of the CIA ... this situation is a series of intergovernmental meetings that would normally be exempt from FACA ... that we are arguing are not exempt by virtue of Rosemont's regular attendance."

There are very important questions of whether or not the Coronado is adequately addressing substantive issues as geochemistry and centuries long water quality impacts of a potential mine. New Coronado Supervisor Jim Upchurch referred to these in an interview as "the core issues that we have to get a handle on in NEPA and the Draft EIS for Rosemont."

Then there is FACA: not really NEPA but a very twisted public participation issue.

To get a sense of the range of FACA issues that have hit the courts: Several organizations sued Vice President Dick Cheney over his 2001 secret energy policy committee that was strongly influenced by Enron's Ken Lay, Exxon-Mobil, the American Petroleum Institute, etc. Initially the GSA itself questioned the committee but dropped out early in legal disputes, and ultimately in 2005 an appeals court allowed the committee proceedings to remain secret.

The Fish and Wildlife service was successfully sued in the mid-90s for producing a scientific report on a sturgeon, that utilized scientists as a committee to write the report. The courts scrapped the study to not "allow the government to use the product of a tainted procedure (that) would circumvent the very policy that serves as the foundation of [FACA]."

The Forest Service, in creating the 1994 Northwest Forest Plan to protect the spotted owl was successfully sued for accepting policy advice from selected academic advisors who joined agencies, tribes and local governments.

After that case, during the Clinton years, the Forest Service issued guidelines stating that meetings with individuals or single groups can be held "to hear their opinions, views, and advice; however, no group can become a preferred source of advice for the agency without sparking FACA concerns"

The courts and the GSA (who the courts seem to frequently ignore) have given a lot of interpretations to what is the proper implementation of FACA.

A tired-sounding Upchurch rejected reopening the advisor process using FACA as a compromise solution to the groups concerns. "We want to be able to produce a document that addresses core issues to get public comment then we open it up to everybody. When we start to bring in a few representatives under FACA it can be a slippery slope. Everyone should be involved and not a few"

Upchurch added, "I can't read the minds of the groups who wrote us the letter to know whether they will turn this over to the courts."

SSSR attorney Roger Flynn said, "Basically the DEIS will be tainted coming out in coming months; and either it cannot be used, or from here on out they allow a public advisory process to take place."

As Upchurch and the groups dig in their heels the scent of litigation is present.

The courts have ample precedents to decide that the advisory process was carried out in violation of FACA, and perhaps also of NEPA due to Rosemont representing the project proponent at the advisory meetings. Or not. How regular a basis Rosemont sat in meetings will be evident in the documents that Upchurch promises the groups will have by January 31.

Upchurch could change his mind and establish a formal FACA process that would involve pro- and anti-mining interests, along with agency representatives to help him in gathering information to make a yes or no record of decision under the 1872 Mining Act.

As an alternative, [erhaps the cooperating agencies group could start over with a new technically more rigorous process, meet without Rosemont and the public, and take as much time as necessary to ask for more information to develop a DEIS that has an alternatives analysis that is difficult to challenge.

Pima County has complained multiple times that the interadvisory agency process was not leading to a DEIS supporting the development of informed alternative environmental scenarios under NEPA. Rosemont has felt it has all gone fine. They are two players.

All of this back and forth may simply slow down the DEIS process. For decision-maker Upchurch, on a learning curve to address a very serious and controversial issue, this probably is not a bad thing. More time may be just what is needed before the public debates a scientifically complicated and esoteric Rosemont draft EIS.

Jennifer Lopez watch Super Bowl with Obama

Jennifer Lopez, two U.S. senators to watch Super Bowl with Obama

Jennifer Lopez, two United States senators and a gift basket full of Milwaukee sausage will be in attendance at the White House on Sunday watching the Super Bowl with President Barack Obama.

The White House announced its Super Bowl party guest list and it includes over 100 people, ranging from pop stars to a bipartisan group of government officials to people who sit next to Steven Tyler on "American Idol."

Among the announced attendees:

• Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony

• Attorney General Eric Holder

• Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano

• Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.)

• Senator Robert Casey, Jr. (D-Pa.)

• Congressman Reid Ribble (R-Wisc.)

• Former Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle

• Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz (D)

• Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D)

In a news release, Barrett said he and his teenage son, Tommy, will bring gift baskets from Milwaukee sausage companies. "The fact that I will be watching the Packers win the Super Bowl with the Bears' 'Fan-in-Chief' is particularly satisfying," the mayor said in a statement.

Obama will welcome the guests after sitting for a live interview with FOX News' Bill O'Reilly, which will air during the Super Bowl pregame show at 4:45 p.m. ET. With his typical bravado, O'Reilly claims the interview will be seen by more people than "any other interview that's ever been done in the history of mankind."

Lopez told the television show "Extra" that she wasn't sure why she nabbed an invite to watch the game with the president. "I don't know," she said, "maybe that's why I don't want to talk about it. I don't even feel like it's real."

Brian Williams, Katie Couric Leave Egypt

Katie Couric, Brian Williams Leave Egypt; Cooper Stays

Katie Couric of CBS News and Brian Williams of NBC returned to the US after spending the past several days in Egypt. CNN’s Anderson Cooper opted to stay in the embattled country.

“Thank u everyone for your concerns! I just landed at JFK..may go back, but for now very happy to be home. See u at 6:30 I hope!” Couric said via her Twitter account, referring to her landing in New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport on Thursday.

On Wednesday, she tweeted: “It is pretty scary and unruly out there, but we're being very cautious.”

Couric was in the fray of clashes between supporters and protesters of President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt’s Tahrir Square in Cairo.

In the melee, Cooper and his crew were punched and kicked by members of the crowd, who also attempted to destroy their camera. They fled as calmly as possible to avoid further inciting the crowd, according to video footage of the incident.

Other journalists like ABC News’ Christiane Amanpour were swarmed. Journalists with The New York Times and other media agencies were detained by the Egyptian government, which sees them as supporting the opposition.

Cooper on Friday tweeted that “we will be live again from cairo tonite” on his show. “Not sure where we can broadcast from, but we will find a way.”

Williams left Egypt on Thursday and broadcast the NBC Nightly News from Jordan, arriving there late Thursday night, the New York Times reported.

Nadin Khoury VIDEO

Nadin Khoury (VIDEO): Bullied 13-Year-Old Meets NFL's Philadelphia Eagles on "The View"

(CBS/KYW/AP) Receiver DeSean Jackson and two other Philadelphia Eagles paid a surprise visit Thursday to ABC's "The View." There, they greeted 13-year-old guest Nadin Khoury, a Pennsylvania middle schooler recently bullied and beaten, and gave him an autographed No. 10 Jackson jersey.

Jackson, as well as guard Todd Herremans and center Jamaal Jackson, were there to show their support for Khoury, who was set upon by a group of seven attackers last month, who videotaped the incident.

Jamaal Jackson presented a gift basket, and Herremans offered Eagles tickets to a game of Khoury's choice next season.

Police in the Philadelphia suburb of Upper Darby say seven teenagers were arrested in connection with an assault in which Khoury was attacked and kidnapped, apparently at random, hung from a fence post, and then upside down from a tree, according to CBS affiliate KYW.

Police say the assailants taped the incident on their cell phones, KYW reports.

Upper Darby Township Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood says the students were arrested Monday for the assault that happened in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Jan. 11.

The Delaware County Daily Times reports officers arrived at Upper Darby High School early Monday. Chitwood says the students arrested are ages 16 and 17.

Police said after the incident, Khoury , who attends the community's Beverly Hills Middle School, went home and 911 was called, reported KYW.

Chitwood says the bullied student did not suffer serious physical injuries, but did suffer "extreme mental anguish."

Watch Video

Frostbite Treatment and Prevention

Frostbite Treatment and Prevention

When wintry weather settles in, how do you make sure that when Jack Frost nips at your nose you don’t end up with frostbite?

Plan ahead to make sure you're prepared for the winter weather, emergency medicine specialist Thomas Tallman, DO, tells WebMD.

Tallman has seen more than his share of cold-weather injuries as a staff physician at the Cleveland Clinic's Emergency Services Institute and as an on-call doctor at the football games of the Cleveland Browns.

"When you're wet or exposed to high winds, core body temperatures can drop quickly and you can get into trouble pretty fast," he says.

Frostbite is literally the freezing of body tissue (usually skin). Fingers, toes, ears, and the nose are the areas most vulnerable to frostbite.

There are three degrees of frostbite, including:

* Frostnip, which usually affects the face, ears, or fingertips. While the skin may feel numb, frostnip does not lead to permanent tissue damage.
* Superficial frostbite, in which the outer skin is affected.
* Deep frostbite, in which the skin and underlying tissue freezes. Permanent damage is possible, depending on how long and how deeply the tissue is frozen.

Frostbite is caused by either prolonged exposure to cold temperatures or shorter exposure to very cold temperatures.
What are the symptoms?

Many people with frostnip or frostbite experience numbness. A "pins and needles" sensation, severe pain, itching, and burning are all common when the affected area is warmed and blood starts flowing again.

Skin may look white, grayish-yellow, or even black with severe frostbite, and it may feel hard, waxy, and numb. Blistering is also common.
Who is at risk?

Anyone can end up with frostbite if exposed to frigid conditions for too long. Naturally, those who work outside in the cold or engage in cold-weather sports may be vulnerable if they aren't adequately prepared.

But some people are also more susceptible to extremely cold weather than others, including:

* The very young and the very old.
* Diabetes patients and people with other medical conditions associated with poor circulation.
* People with heart conditions who take beta-blockers, which decrease the flow of blood to the skin.
* Those who smoke and/or drink alcohol while exposed to cold weather.

Wearing wet clothes, not wearing enough clothes, and exposure to high winds increase vulnerability.

Even people who think they are prepared for the cold weather may not be, Tallman says. He recalls one Browns game last season which started in the rain and ended in an icy snowstorm.

"Many of the tailgaters got pretty soaked before the game and then when the temperatures dropped they got into trouble," he says.
What are the treatments for frostnip/frostbite?

Get out of the cold and get out of wet clothing as soon as possible and remove all constrictive jewelry and clothing. Then immerse the affected area in warm, but not hot, water.

Charlie Sheen Toothless

Charlie Sheen Toothless, Porn Star Kacey Jordan Says: What Happened?

(CBS) Has Charlie Sheen lost his choppers?

A porn star who says she partied with the bad-boy actor - now reportedly in rehab - says his teeth are mostly gold and that he wears a white dental apparatus to look presentable in public, a popular gossip site reported.

Kacey Jordan made the claim during a recent interview with gonzo radio host Howard Stern, according to radaronline.

"All his teeth have fallen out from partying," Jordan said, according to the Daily Mail. "He kept saying f****** porcelain teeth... they crap. Said he had to get gold teeth. Most of his teeth fallen out, he wouldn't say why but we all know it's because of the drug use."

While we don't really know the condition of Sheen's pearly whites, dentists say there's no doubt that certain drugs can cause tooth loss, some legitimate drugs, but illicit ones too. Methamphetamine (crystal meth), for instance, is such a notorious cause of tooth loss that doctors call the condition "meth mouth."

But drug abuse is far from the only cause of tooth loss.

"It's very hard to speculate," says Dr. Edward M. Feinberg, a dentist in private practice in Scarsdale, N.Y. "There are a lot of things that can contribute to tooth loss."

According to WebMD, certain chronic medical conditions can cause tooth loss, including chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. And tooth loss is more common in men over the age of 35 as well as in smokers and in those who fail to see a dentist.

And then, WebMD says, there's another risk factor for tooth loss: Not using a toothbrush.

UFC 126 Weigh Ins Results

UFC 126 Silva vs. Belfort Weigh Ins Results Video

UFC 126 Silva vs. Belfort Weigh Ins Results Video – 7pm EST – 4pm PST

MAIN CARD (Pay-per-view)

* Champ Anderson Silva () vs. Vitor Belfort (185)
* Forrest Griffin (205) vs. Rich Franklin (203)
* Ryan Bader (205) vs. Jon Jones (206)
* Jake Ellenberger (171) vs. Carlos Eduardo Rocha (170)
* Antonio Banuelos (136) vs. Miguel Torres (136)


* Paul Kelly (155) vs. Donald Cerrone (155)
* Chad Mendes (146) vs. Michihiro Omigawa (146)


* Demetrious Johnson (136) vs. Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto (135)


* Gabe Ruediger (155) vs. Paul Taylor (156)
* Kyle Kingsbury (205) vs. Ricardo Romero (205)
* Mike Pierce (172)* vs. Kenny Robertson (170)

Coffee Mate

Coffee Mate

Coffee Mate, Friday Freebies this week is so tight with offers free, I could just wrap them in a post! Who knows if the Steelers or Packers will win this Sunday’s Super Bowl, but we can celebrate the great game of free pizza, busywork children coloring pages, and football on the topic of digital photo frames. Moreover, it is a free hot sample from Origins, free museum admission, gift Coffee-Mate, and free coffee. Let the games begin! Papa John’s offers a very tasty gift – a free Super Bowl pizza for all Americans – if the big game this Sunday going into overtime. Which he never.

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The Roommate Review and Trailer VIDEO

The Roommate Review: The Roommate Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

Are you going to see The Roommate movie this weekend? For a sneak peek, you can watch The Roommate movie trailer video below. The Roommate reviews are slowly trickling in, and they really aren’t too favorable.

The Roommate is basically a newer version of Single White Female, and stars Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly. The two girls become college roommates, and Meester’s character basically goes mental and becomes obsessed with Kelly’s character.

Here is a roundup of The Roommate reviews:

Moviefone - “The Roommate is an auto-tuned horror movie; a mechanically processed imitation of a thriller that is hollow, joyless, lifeless and utterly artificial in origin.”

Fearnet - “The Roommate is not a film. It’s a shameless, redundant, and harrowingly vacant rendition of 15 others movies, as told by a bunch of breathless young mannequins who all look like older, pricier movie stars.”

Broward Times – “The Roommate is a plagiarized, campus-set Single White Female pitched to teens.”

After reading The Roommate reviews and watching The Roommate movie trailer, will you still go see it?

Watch The Roommate Trailer

Cynthia Stroum

Cynthia Stroum

Cynthia Stroum, (AP) – As a supporter of presidential candidate Barack Obama, Cynthia Struma was a superstar whose financial support of the campaign earned him a plum diplomatic post in Europe. As U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg, the wife of wealthy businessman based in Seattle was a disaster. According to an internal State Department on Thursday, less than a week after her departure, the management of the Struma U.S. embassy in the tiny country was catastrophic. The report states that the mandate of about one year was fraught with personality conflicts, verbal abuse and questionable expenditures on travel, wine and liquor.

Struma case illustrates the pitfalls that presidents may face when they appoint non-career diplomats was ambassador to reward political support. The Embassy of Luxembourg “has underperformed for the entire term of the current ambassador,” said the report, which was prepared before last fall, she resigned abruptly. “Currently, in due to internal problems, it plays no significant role in promoting political relations, but changes in Luxembourg are of interest to customers in Washington and other U.S. missions in NATO and communities of the EU. ”

Struma resigned Jan. 31, just days before the damning report of the Inspector General of the State Department was made public. A message left with a person who answered the phone at her home in Seattle said she was unavailable for comment. The call was not returned.

In a farewell message published in the Luxembourg press, Struma said she was leaving her job because she wanted to return to private life. “The reality is that I must now concentrate on my family business and personal,” she said.

At the State Department, her departure was not announced. Spokesman Mark Toner gave no hint of problems when asked about the situation. “We are grateful for her service in the U.S. and we wish him luck in her new role, he said.

But the report paints a picture of a corrosive atmosphere in the small embassy with the ambassador who tramples on the staff, threatening to read their e-mails, largely concerned about employment-related benefits and participated in the acquisition abusive.

The situation was so bad that the inspector general recommended that the State Department to send medical personnel in Luxembourg to test the stress level of employees of the embassy. He said at least four staff members quit or sought transfers to Iraq and Afghanistan during her term, unusual measures for diplomats posted to a modern capital of Western Europe.

“Most of the internal problems of the mission are linked to her leadership deficiencies, the most damaging of which is an abusive management style,” the report said. “She followed a pattern of public criticism of her colleagues, including including (MPs) who have not performed to her satisfaction. ”

“Those who have questioned or challenged some of the state of the Ambassador of the shares they have paid a heavy price in the form of verbal abuse and been threatened with dismissal,” he said.

The report states that the State Department was aware of the situation and the apparent lack of action against it could be dangerous. “It is unfortunate that the impression is being created between leaders and local employees in the mission that this kind of behavior can be systematically condoned by the leadership of the State Department, particularly for non-career ambassadors. ”

Struma began her diplomatic career short in 2009 when Obama her candidacy Poppa U.S. Ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a tiny nation of 500,000 people on the size of Rhode Island and surrounded by France, Belgium and Germany.

Apart from her business experience as an investor, show producer and philanthropist active in numerous charities, the main qualification for the position Struma appeared to be generous contribution to democratic politicians and causes, including the campaign Obama.

Financial reports say Struma given the maximum amount of staff to Obama’s campaign. She has also donated 2,300 to the presidential campaign has no former Senator John Edwards.

As a fundraiser, records show she was responsible for ginning up at least 500,000 and for Obama, put it near the top of generating money for the campaign.

The inspector general said he had learned through interviews with employees of the embassy Struma, shortly after her arrival in Luxembourg, discussed with them “the importance it attaches to the itch” to be an ambassador. As such, it is particularly concerned about the state of residence of the ambassador, who was undergoing renovation, he said.

Due to renovation, Struma sought temporary housing. An embassy official has spent six weeks looking for a suitable property and, using contacts in Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and France with two officials from the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, screening of 200 properties and visited 30 to 40.

They found only four that qualified for the ambassador and she rejected them all, according to the report, before a home was finally found acceptable.

Apart from these difficulties and management problems, the report identified several irregularities while Struma was supported in Luxembourg. Among them:

- Struma past 2,400 to fly with a Swiss aid “vocational school” whose graduates have continued working for Buckingham Palace and other venues similar to interviewing candidates to replace a guardian of property retired and a head shot. The purpose of this trip was listed as “management meetings.” Although no school has been hired as a recruit is allowed only if no qualified local staff. In addition, they have not obtained the proper authorization for the trip.

- Embassy in 3400 and bought the wine and alcohol one day before the 2010 financial year resulted in an effort to spend as much of its funding from annual entertainment as possible. Alcohol does not arrive until the next fiscal year and the State Department rules say embassies are not allowed “to use the surplus funds at year-end” to purchase items unless they are used in the year.

- Struma was reimbursed for the purchase of a new bed, because she “prefers a queen in the king-size bed already planned.” The embassy has asked twice to Washington to repay the amount, but was refused because it was a personal choice. Despite the refusal, the No. 2 at the embassy signed a good “ambassador to repay the cost of the mattress out of program funds.” The report indicates that the Coupon must be repaid.

Copyright © 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Jacoby Brissett

Jacoby Brissett

Jacoby Brissett, Adding Brissett gives Florida two quarters All-America in 2011, his recruiting class. The Gators have signed the consensus No. 1 quart in Oviedo Hagerty Jeff Driskell, who is already enrolled at UF. Although Driskell was an Under Armour All-American, participated in the Cup Brissett U.S. Army All-American in San Antonio, Texas in January. During the press conference Florida National Signing Day Wednesday, the new coach will Muschamp said that every position on the football team of Florida is in play, and the situation at quarterback is a bit annoying because of depth. Florida currently has Driskell, soon-to-be senior John Brantley, a former winger Jordan Reed and redshirt rookie Tyler Murphy competing at quarterback. It is unclear whether Reed will definitely return to the tight end.

“Our numbers at quarterback are not very good,” said Muschamp. “We still lack the numbers at quarterback. Those are the things we continue to examine if we know we are building depth our football team. ” As a senior, threw for 2,473 yards Brissett, 32 touchdowns and one interception on 152 from 239. He also ran for 368 yards and seven touchdowns on 63 carries. Palm Beach Post first reported on Friday that, according to a source, Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer quart Jacoby Brissett sign with Florida and make public its decision before the game of basketball Dwyer Jupiter.

A second source confirmed Friday then Gainesville Sun Florida is expected to receive the letter of intent before Brissett’s announcement pre-game.

Calls placed to Dwyer coach Jack Daniels were not immediately returned Friday afternoon.

Other finalists included Brissett Miami, Wisconsin and Washington.

Florida Current freshmen safety Matt Elam, receiver Robert Clark and tight end Gerald Christian played at Dwyer Brissett.

Florida already has a quarter of newly enrolled in school, and he happens to be the prospect quarter No. 1 in the country.

Jeff Driskell of Oviedo, Fla., will participate in spring practice and the battle for the starting job.

There are several reports out there that Jacoby Brissett Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., will also sign with the Gators. It is expected to announce his decision Friday night in front of his school basketball game high, and also Miami, Washington and Wisconsin as his finalists. Brissett is ranked by ESPN as the No. 25 a quarter in the country.

First year coach Muschamp and offensive coordinator Charlie Weis wants to give as many options as possible at the Quarterback position going into next season. John Brantley will be a senior and leaves a very difficult season junior. He recently decided he would return for his senior season instead of transferring.

The Gators also used Trey Burton and former winger Jordan Reed at quarterback this season, but Burton is a rider and it’s unclear whether Reed will remain at quarterback or return to the tight end. Tyler Murphy will be a freshman redshirt.

UW coach Bret Bielema chief announced his 17-man recruiting class Wednesday and said there were two other players who could still be added. He said the Badgers would move on to the current number of 17, if the players did not sign. Milton quart Nate Hammon had received an offer by Tuesday Badgers and there are rumors, it would be gray if Brissett-shirt joined the Badgers. It could be given a full offer now that Brissett appears in the photo.

Romeo and Juliet Script

Romeo and Juliet Script Just Gnomagnific

The Romeo and Juliet script
comes back to life in Gnomeo and Juliet directed by Kelly Asbury director of “Shrek 2″ and “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron,”

In many minds Romeo and Juliet is the story that started it all. Still today it is probably the most quoted story in history. Romeo and Juliet Quotes have been heard to come from just about everyone on this planet.

Romeo and Juliet
is a tragedy written early in the career of playwright William Shakespeare about two young “star-cross’d lovers”[1] whose deaths ultimately unite their feuding families. It was among Shakespeare’s most popular archetypal stories of young, teenage lovers.

Romeo and Juliet belongs to a tradition of tragic romances stretching back to antiquity. Its plot is based on an Italian tale, translated into verse as The Tragic History of Romeos and Juliet by Arthur Brooke in 1562 and retold in prose in Palace of Pleasure by William Painter in 1582. Shakespeare borrowed heavily from both but, to expand the plot, developed supporting characters, particularly Mercutio and Paris. Believed written between 1591 and 1595, the play was first published in a quarto version in 1597. This text was of poor quality, and later editions corrected it, bringing it more in line with Shakespeare’s original.

The play, set in Verona, begins with a street brawl between Montague and Capulet supporters who are sworn enemies. The Prince of Verona intervenes and declares that further breach of the peace will be punishable by death. Later, Count Paris talks to Capulet about marrying his daughter, but Capulet is wary of the request because Juliet is only thirteen. Capulet asks Paris to wait another two years and invites him to attend a planned Capulet ball. Lady Capulet and Juliet’s nurse try to persuade Juliet to accept Paris’s courtship.

EMILY Blunt has a bizarre fear! The British actress says voicing a gnome in kids’ movie Gnomeo & Juliet helped her get over a rather odd phobia.

“I have always been scared or skeeved out by anything that resembles people like puppets or things like that,” she said.

“When I was a kid, dolls were the depths of Hell for me. I remember my friend had garden gnomes and I remember being scared of them when I was very young.

“I think I know someone who has a garden gnome of themselves which is quite strange. But, I wouldn’t mind having one now. That could be fun.

Wonder if William Shakespeare had that kind of problems with his actors…

what time is the super bowl 2011 kickoff

Super Bowl 2011 Kickoff Time: What Time Does the Superbowl Start?

Looking for Super Bowl 2011 kickoff time info? What time does Super Bowl XLV start?

Depending on when you want to start your Super Bowl XLV festivities, you may want to tune in for FOX’s pre-game coverage on February 6 at 2:00 p.m. ET.

The 2011 Super Bowl begins at 6:00 p.m., and Superbowl kickoff time is said to be at 6:25 p.m. ET.

What time does Super Bowl 2011 start? You’ll definitely want to tune in by 6:00 ET.

Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson & Ex -- Breakup at Gunpoint?

Supermodel Beverly Johnson brought a gunman to force a boyfriend to breakup with her, according to a lawsuit filed by the ex.

In documents filed in Riverside County, CA -- Mark Anthony Burk claims Beverly showed up at his home with an armed Chuck Zito, and a separation agreement.

Burk alleges Zito was flashing a gun during the January, 2008 incident -- while Beverly yelled at Burk to sign an agreement that would have paid him $2,000 to get out of her house, according to the papers.

Legendary "Godfather" producer Robert Evans is also being sued. As for why, Burk's lawyer tells TMZ he's alleging Evans -- who was once romantically involved with Johnson -- was involved in the scheme.

In the docs, Burk claims he escaped and hid at a neighbor's home until Beverly & co. left.

Burk also claims in the papers that Walter Morgan took personal belongings from Burk's home -- including his mother's ashes.

Burk is suing for emotional distress and unspecified damages.

UPDATE: Chuck Zito tells TMZ the day of the alleged incident Beverly Johnson hired him as a bodyguard. Chuck says, "I was not carrying a gun and don't need to carry one."


Cheryl Tiegs Other Beauties On Oprah

Cheryl Tiegs And Other Beauties On Oprah Today

Talk about a supermodel reunion! On today’s Oprah, Cheryl Tiegs, Stephanie Seymour, Beverly Johnson, and Christie Brinkley joined Oprah on the stage to look back at their life-long careers in front of the camera.

The women were all open and honestly shared their thoughts about working the catwalk, their careers and how they feel about aging. These beautiful women were some of the world’s first ever supermodels.

Cheryl Tiegs is best known for her long-running relationship with the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Issue, having appeared on its cover three times. “Just living life, I think, is the key to beauty,” Tiegs has said.

Stephanie Seymour was a Victoria’s Secret model, was featured in two Guns N’ Roses music videos, and maintains a lengthy modeling career.

New York-born Beverly Johnson is famous for being the first ever black woman to be featured on the cover of US Vogue.

Christie Brinkley has graced over 500 covers including several for US Vogue.

houston transtar

KPRC Houston-area lawmakers

KPRC, Houston-area lawmakers said they are demanding answers from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) after rolling power outages left some 400,000 Texans in the dark for varying periods on Wednesday, Local 2 Investigates reported.

“It’s no secret that winter comes around once a year,” said Sen. Mike Jackson State. He said ERCOT should have better planning and procedures in place to ensure that Texans are not shy in the future. He and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst said frozen water pipes burst in two power plants the Dallas area, causing the entire plant to close, which they say has contributed to the blackout that affected families by state.

He said ERCOT should have better planning and procedures in place to ensure that Texans are not shy in the future. He and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst said frozen water pipes burst in two power plants the Dallas area, causing the entire plant to close, which they say has contributed to the blackout that affected families by state.
Jackson said the security systems in these plants have led to entire plants to close when the pipes burst.
Dewhurst said the natural gas plants that were forced off-line were the oak and plants Sand Hill in north Texas.
Dewhurst told the power applied to the Texas ERCOT grid was nowhere near peak capacity. He said that other natural gas plants were supposed to provide relief, but the cold caused low pressure in supply lines so that these safeguards have been unable to kick in.
State Senator Tommy Williams, however, said the industry has failed to deliver on a promise to increase its production capacity of electricity. He told Local 2 investigation of the industry pledged to expand its production capacity when electricity was deregulated in Texas, but the events of Wednesday driving to doubt it.
Williams, who serves in national affairs and Senate finance committees, noted that most of its voters living east of the ERCOT grid, and these areas had absolutely no problem power outage Wednesday.
Governor Rick Perry said the unprecedented demand on the energy grid of the state caused a power outage. In a statement, he urged everyone to reduce energy consumption.
However, Jackson said he would push for answers to ERCOT because, “We need a better system to ensure that this does not happen again.”
As a member of the Senate Natural Resources and works councils and trade, both of which have oversight over the energy sector, Jackson said: “We’ll get into the (ERCOT)” because he said they called for more to be loaded into the grid and they could not get it.
ERCOT does not produce electricity in Texas, but he manages the flow of power that other production companies truly electric.
Jackson said that since the summer months are the peak periods, maintenance is often scheduled at plants in electricity production during the winter months, which could also cause problems in the future, given failures Wednesday.
Some viewers posted messages on Facebook theKPRC page indicating that their diet was cut several times, while others have never had their power interrupted at all.
Spring School District was forced to send students home early because of the blackout, and the Harris County Jail visits canceled for the day because the visitor’s elevators will not work if power is cut.
Houston Transtar urged drivers to exercise caution throughout the day from outages affected some traffic lights and warning signals.
The Houston office of Emergency Management has issued a notice 14 hours after he was informed that more cuts were ordered by ERCOT, if the power was expected to resume uninterrupted.
Source: http://www.click2houston.com/news/26717798/detail.html

Go Red for Women 2011: Wear Red Day 2011

Wear Red Day 2011: Go Red for Women 2011

If you’re still trying to figure out what to wear Friday, take something red out of your closet.

Friday, Feb. 4 is National Wear Red Day in honor of women’s heart health. Heart disease is the number one killer for women and kills one about every minute. The American Heart Association started this day of awareness to help provide educational programs and discover new treatments.

According to the American Heart Association, 90 percent of women have one or more risk factors for developing heart disease, and more women die from heart disease than the next four causes of death combined, including all forms of cancer. The entire month of February is American Heart Month.

If you forgot about the day and are wearing blue, you can still help. One of the ways to celebrate the day is to talk to five women about how heart disease affects women. The woman of all women, Betty White is doing it-so should you! There is also still time to wear red, and get rewarded for it. Macy’s, the corporate sponsor of National Wear Red Day, is giving special discounts to all customers who wear red from Feb. 2-6.

For more information about women’s heart health go to www.goredforwomen.org or www.americanheart.org

Here’s Betty White telling her “Hot in Cleveland” co-stars about the dangers of heart health in women.

Wear Red Day 2011 video

Wing Bowl 2011

Wing Bowl 2011 Weigh-In A Prelude To The Big Day

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—It carried the pageantry of a heavyweight championship fight weigh-in. Only that the heavyweights kept coming, and coming, and coming Thursday night in South Philadelphia’s Chickie and Pete’s for the 19th annual 610WIP Wing Bowl. Everyone was shaped differently. Wearing various garb. Some barely wearing anything.

With each eater that sat on the scale more suited for live stock than humans, world-class eater Takeru Kobayashi wore a curious look. The Japanese world-record holder never saw anything like it—and this was just behemoths weighing in for the main event Friday morning at the Wells Fargo Center.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Kobayashi said, through his interpreter, Maggie. “I think from the eating I’ve seen already to get into this competition, this is going to be the craziest event I’ve ever been to. It’s WWA for me—wings, women and alcohol. I’ve been involved in eating competitions all over the world and nine of them ever demonstrated women and alcohol like this event. I can’t wait to see it.”

What adds to the intensity of this Wing Bowl is that it will pit a young lion, two-time defending champion Jon “Super” Squibb and eating legend Bill “El Wingador” Simmons, a five-time Wing Bowl champion coming back from a temporary two-year sabbatical from the contest.

“I expect to win,” said Squibb, a 2-to-1 favorite and an accountant with a graduate degree who weighed in at a rather svelte 245 pounds. “I respect Bill a great deal; Bill’s helped me out a lot. This is the first time I’ve actually ate head-to-head against Bill. I’ve gone against some of his eating records. It’s why I started the eating process a little earlier and I expect to carry the experience of winning the last two years again in this one.

“This is my Super Bowl.”

If it’s Squibb’s Super Bowl, it’s Simmons comeback song. He’s pushing 50, and he wanted to treat his four-year son to a rare treat of watching dad do something before 20,000 screaming maniacs.

“This is really all new to me,” said Simmons, a 3-to-1 favorite whose name hangs on a banner from the Wells Fargo rafters for his legendary eating stunts. “I’m going against all these young guys and they’re going to see the old Wingador face. Squibb’s still the champ. I won five times and Jon’s won the last two. He’s still the two-time champ, and you’re not the champ unless you beat the champ.”

Watch out for Pete Czerwinski, who came down from Toronto, Canada to eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in 12 minutes to qualify for Wing Bowl 19, and he’s in the Guinness World Records for pounding down a 72-ounce in 6:48. “Furious Pete” has competing in eating contests before, but nothing on the magnitude of Wing Bowl.

“I heard Wing Bowl is crazy and winning $20,000 is awful powerful incentive to win,” said Czerwinski, who weighed in at 235, is a 3-to-1 favorite and just completed a graduate degree in manufacturing engineering. “I’m really looking forward to this, because I don’t know if I’ll experience anything like it.”

Reported by: Joseph Santoliquito


News From: www.wingbowl.cbslocal.com


Rosicrucian - Ruth Krautter

Ruth Krautter, 100, of Portland, passed away on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011, at Slate Belt Nursing and Rehab, in Bangor.
Ruth was born in Germany on Jan. 13, 1911. She was the daughter of the late Heinrich and Marie (Weinmann) Lang.
Ruth was married to her husband, Willy Krautter, for 56 years. She was predeceased by her husband and a grandson, Eric Kemmerer. Ruth was a life member of The Rosicrucian Order A.M.O.R.C.
Surviving are four daughters, Borghild Kemmerer and her husband, George, Dietlind Crain and her husband, Howard, Heilgard Kemmerer and her husband, Frank, and Wiltrud Miller and her husband, Walter; 10 grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren; a sister, Annemarie Troster of Germany; and many nieces and nephews.
Family and friends will gather from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 12, at the Lanterman and Allen Funeral Home, 27 Washington St., East Stroudsburg, for a memorial service.
Memorial donations may be made to The Rosicrucian Order A.M.O.R.C — Rosicrucian Park, San Jose, California, 95191.
Lanterman and Allen Funeral Home
East Stroudsburg

Why is the ocean salty, Jersey Shore

MTV's 'Jersey Shore' Why is the ocean salty? Why does Snooki hate it?

Why is the ocean salty? Snooki really doesn’t know, but she explained why she doesn’t like the big body of water on this week’s episode of MTV’s Jersey Shore. That’s right – the most popular reality show on TV can also be educational. Well, perhaps it can be educational.

Apparently Snooki had a boyfriend named Jeff who once wanted to take a dip in said ocean. However, tonight the Snook-ster actually informed the viewing audience (along with Jeff) that “I f---in' hate the ocean. Too much whale sperm. Everybody Google it, because that's why the water is salty. F---in' whale sperm.”

That’s right. Biology according to Jersey Shore – the ocean is salty because of whale sperm. Unfortunately, it seems that as believable as she was, Snooki was wrong about the reason for a salty ocean. Yes. You simply cannot believe everything you see and hear on TV.

The ocean is salty because the salt in the ocean comes from rocks on land. In fact, if the ocean’s salt was spread over land, then it would form a layer that is nearly 500 feet deep. That’s a little scary, but not as scary as whale sperm.

Do you watch Jersey Shore on MTV every Thursday at 9 p.m. on Cox channel 30 in Oklahoma City. The show is certainly a mainstay for many younger Oklahomans. What were your favorite moments from tonight’s episode (other than the interesting theory on why the ocean salty)?

Story from: www.examiner.com

Islamic Socialism Political System

Islamic Socialism Political System

A number of Muslim leaders who relate Islam and Socialism in the political system usually use the term Islamic Socialism to describe the system. They combine the principles of Socialism with the spirituality of Islam in the system. Muslim socialists consider the principles of Socialism, such as redistribution of wealth and equality, are in accordance with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad and the Holy Qur’an.

Abū Dharr al-Ghifārī, a Companion of Prophet Muḥammad, is believed as the founder of Islamic Socialism. He protested against the accumulation of wealth by the ruling class during ‘Uthmān’s caliphate and urged the equitable redistribution of wealth. A number of Orientalists also believe that there is a relationship between Islamic economics and communism, such as the idea of riba and zakat.

One of Muslim leaders who implemented the Islamic Socialism system was Zulfigar Ali Bhutto, with his Pakistani People’s Party (PPP) in Pakistan. Nowadays, under Asif Ali Zardani, PPP still uses the Islamic Socialism system as its basic principle.

Another advocate of Islamic Socialism is Moammar Gadhafi of Libya. He declared Libya an Islamic Socialism country in 1969 and outlined his principles in the Green Book.

Other proponents of Islamic Socialism include:

* Jamal al-Din Afghani, one of the founders of Islamic modernism
* Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, Indian politician and cabinet minister from 1947–1954
* Haji Misbach, Indonesian nationalist and anti-Dutch preacher of “Islamic Communism”
* Khalid Muhammad Khalid, mid-20th-century Egyptian political and social reformer
* Jalal Al-e Ahmad, Iranian social and political critic
* Gamal Abdel Nasser
* Siad Barre
* Chaudhry Rehmat Ali
* Molana Hasrat Mohani
* Yasser Arafat
* Ahmed Jibril
* Khalid ibn al-Walid
* Mohammed Iqbal
* Faiz Ahmed Faiz
* Habib Jalib
* Ibn-e-Insha
* Sadat Hassan Manto
* Hanif Ramay
* Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
* Ali Shariati

Britney Spears Album Confirmed for Mar. 15 Release

Leaked memo reveals a firm release date and lists producers for Spears's as-yet-untitled album including Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Rodney Jerkins, Avant and Bloodshy.http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/sites/default/files/2011/01/britney_spears_a_p.jpg

Britney Spears' new album is slated for a Mar. 15 release, according to a leaked one-sheet created by her label Jive Records that outlines the marketing campaign for the set. Jive confirmed to MTV News that the date listed on the sheet is accurate.
Also confirmed are various producers and songwriters who worked on the album, which still does not have a title. In addition to Dr. Luke and Max Martin -- who together helmed lead single "Hold It Against Me" and are the album's co-executive producers -- Rodney Jerkins, R&B singer Avant, Stargate, Fraser T. Smith and Bloodshy are listed as collaborators.
Other details mentioned on the sales-solicitation sheet include a description of Britney's highly-anticipated music video for "Hold It Against Me," which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 last week. The one-sheet sums up the video as "a sexy, edgy dance piece directed by Jonas Akerlund and showing Britney at peak form and ability."
Spears seventh studio album, the follow-up to 2008's Circus, will be available in both standard and deluxe versions, according to the sheet, with the latter including additional liner booklet pages and three or four extra tracks. Fans can also expect "a major TV event to launch the album," worldwide online contests and a "LGBT/lifestyle campaign" to market it to fans. 
Spears' manager, Adam Leber, recently spilled a few details involving her photo shoot for the album via Twitter, describing the shoot as "pure glam." Fans should be on high alert for another leak, as Leber added, "Photos are nothing less than spectacular. We'll share some

Lady Gaga Reveals New Album Release Date

The singer writes on her Twitter page that Born This Way will be released May 23, 2011.

Lady Gaga had a special New Year's treat for her fans: the singer tweeted at midnight on New Year's Eve that her hotly anticipated upcoming album Born This Way will release on May 23, 2011.
"THE SONG 2 13 11 THE RECORD 5 23 11," she wrote. She also posted a photo of herself baring her bottom and wearing nothing else besides a jacket decorated with a the title of the album.
"Don't hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and you're set. I'm on the right track baby, I was Born This Way," she wrote shortly before. The title track of the album debuts on February 13, the same day as the Grammy Awards.

Hollywood New Releases - English Movies 01-02-2011

From Prada To Nada - English Movie
From Prada To NadaRelease Date : 28,Jan 2011
About Movie
DirectorAngel Gracia
StarringCamilla Belle, Alexa Vega, Wilmer Valderrama, Kuno Becker, Adriana Barraza

Kaboom - English Movie
KaboomRelease Date : 28,Jan 2011
About Movie
DirectorGregg Araki
StarringHaley Bennett, Thomas Dekker, James Duval, Andy Fischer-Price, Brandy Futch

Restless - English Movie
RestlessRelease Date : 28,Jan 2011
About Movie
DirectorGus Van Sant
StarringMia Wasikowska, Schuyler Fisk, Jane Adams, Chin Han, Lusia Strus

The Mechanic - English Movie
The MechanicRelease Date : 28,Jan 2011
About Movie
DirectorSimon West
ProducerRobert Chartoff, Irwin Winkler
StarringJason Statham, Ben Foster, Donald Sutherland

The Rite - English Movie
The RiteRelease Date : 28,Jan 2011
About Movie
DirectorMikael Hafstrom
ProducerBeau Flynn, Tripp Vinson, Christy Fletcher
StarringAnthony Hopkins, Colin O Donoghue, Alice Braga, Ciaran Hinds, Toby Jones

No Strings Attached - English Movie
No Strings AttachedRelease Date : 21,Jan 2011
About Movie
DirectorIvan Reitman
ProducerJoe Medjuck, Ivan Reitman, Jeffrey Clifford
StarringNatalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Greta Gerwig, Kevin Kline, Ophelia Lovibond

The Green Hornet - English Movie
The Green HornetRelease Date : 14,Jan 2011
About Movie
DirectorMichel Gondry
ProducerNeal H. Moritz
StarringChristoph Waltz, Cameron Diaz, Seth Rogen, Edward Furlong, Edward James Olmos

The Dilemma - English Movie
The DilemmaRelease Date : 14,Jan 2011
About Movie
DirectorRon Howard
ProducerVince Vaughn, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard
StarringVince Vaughn, Kevin James, Winona Ryder
Every Day - English Movie
Every DayRelease Date : 14,Jan 2011
About Movie
DirectorRichard Levine
StarringCarla Gugino, Liev Schreiber, Helen Hunt, Eddie Izzard, Brian Dennehy

The Cabin in the Woods - English Movie
The Cabin in the WoodsRelease Date : 14,Jan 2011
About Movie
DirectorDrew Goddard
ProducerJoss Whedon
StarringRichard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Jesse Williams, Chris Hemsworth, Fran Kranz

Ong Bak 3 - English Movie
Ong Bak 3Release Date : 07,Jan 2011
About Movie
DirectorTony Jaa
StarringTony Jaa, Chupong Changprung

Season of the Witch - English Movie
Season of the WitchRelease Date : 07,Jan 2011
About Movie
DirectorDominic Sena
ProducerAlex Gartner, Charles Roven
StarringNicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, Stephen Campbell Moore

The Time That Remains - English Movie
The Time That RemainsRelease Date : 07,Jan 2011
About Movie
DirectorElia Suleiman
ProducerElia Suleiman, Michael Gentile
StarringSaleh Bakri, Yasmine Haj, Leila Muammar

The Way Back - English Movie
The Way BackRelease Date : 29,Dec 2010
About Movie
DirectorPeter Weir
ProducerPeter Weir
StarringJim Sturgess, Colin Farrell, Ed Harris

Biutiful - English Movie
BiutifulRelease Date : 29,Dec 2010
About Movie
DirectorAlejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
ProducerRoadside Attractions
StarringJavier Bardem, Maricel Alvarez, Hanaa Bouchaib

Gulliver's TravelsRelease Date : 22,Dec 2010
About Movie
DirectorRob Letterman
ProducerBenjamin Cooley, John Davis
StarringJack Black, Emily Blunt, Jason Sege


Justin Bieber to Release 'Remixes' Album on Valentine's Day

Justin Bieber has announced the release of "Never Say Never - The Remixes," a seven-track album featuring collaborations with Rascal Flatts, Chris Brown and Usher. The album will hit stores on Valentine's Day (Feb. 14), three days after the pop star's 3D biopic, "Never Say Never," opens in theaters on Feb. 11.

Along with the previously released Jaden Smith collaboration "Never Say Never," the album will include four remixes: "That Should Be Me" featuring Rascal Flatts, "Somebody to Love" featuring Usher, "Up" featuring Chris Brown, and Kanye West's "Runaway Love" remix featuring Raekwon, which leaked online in August. "The Remixes" will also feature a live version of "Overboard" with fellow teen star Miley Cyrus, as well as "Born to Be Somebody," a new track penned by Diane Warren.

Bieber confirmed that he was recording with Rascal Flatts last month, writing on Twitter that he was "honored" to work with the country trio. Meanwhile, Brown teased that he and Bieber would release a "SMASH record for all the fans out there at the top of the NEW YEAR!!!" in a Twitter post on Christmas Day.

"Never Say Never - The Remixes" is Bieber's latest release that reworks previous hits on "My World" and "My World 2.0," after "My Worlds Acoustic" was issued on Nov. 26. Although there is no timetable for the release of Bieber's next batch of new material, producer/songwriter Sean Garrett told Billboard.com this month that the pop star's next project will "segue him into young adulthood... we want all the fans that started out with him to still be intrigued and excited about him, but we want to also stretch out a little bit and make the fans that are 22-23 years old love Justin as well."

Here is the track list for Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never - The Remixes":

"Never Say Never" (featuring Jaden Smith)
"That Should Be Me" (remix featuring Rascal Flatts)
"Somebody to Love" (remix featuring Usher)
"Up" (remix featuring Chris Brown)
"Overboard" (live featuring Miley Cyrus)
"Runaway Love" (Kanye West remix, featuring Raekwon)
"Born to Be Somebody"