Russian Spy Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman: Russian Spy Anna Chapman Trademarks Name

Anna Chapman, the Russian spy who was busted in the US and sent back to her home country, is looking to expand on her celebrity stature by trademarking her name.

Reuters reported that Chapman, 28, filed to trademark the name “Anna Chapman” in August.

"Maybe she wants to open the 'Anna Chapman' dry-cleaner or make cookies," Nikolai Kravtsov, an official at the Russian trademark agency, joked to the news agency.

Since being deported, Chapman has appeared on the front of tabloids and magazines, and made a number of public appearances, achieving celebrity status in her home country. According to the Reuters report, Chapman registered her name for merchandise such as clothing, watches, vodka, and other items. The trademark would last until 2020.

Last year, she and a number of other alleged Russian spies were exposed in the US, and were deported and swapped with US agents held in Russia.

The St. Petersburg Times newspaper reported that Chapman also started her own television show last Friday, saying she “will reveal all the secrets” of her life on the show.

The show is called “Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman.”