Internet Safety Circa Mid-1990s

Let's take a walk back in time to an era when the Internet was just beginning. And let's watch a video that gives us some tips about online safety for kids. Because sometimes things will come up on your screen that you haven't seen before. Hell, there will be some things on your screen that most adults haven't seen before. (Granted, now that the Internet has been around for a while, there isn't much that anyone hasn't seen before. I find it unfortunate that you can't unsee things. I have some pretty disturbing images blazed into my brain.) And this video aims to warn you of them. It also gives you a lovely image as to what an online perv might look like. (Hint: If you imagined him with a child molester moustache and a sleeveless T-shirt, step forward to claim your prize.) And look, I'm not trying to say that the messages in this video aren't valid. They are. And the bottom line is that people lie on the Internet (Great Scott!) and there's a lot of porn out there. I just find this little snippet of nostalgia a rather amusing way of trying to keep everyone safe. (And just in case you were wondering, no, I don't know why they're chatting with what appears to be Microsoft Word.)