Yeh Faasley (Hindi Movie)

ProducerOm Prakash Mittal
 DirectorYogesh Mittal
 MusicDeepak Pandit
 WriterAtul Tiwari, Sameer Kohli, Arpita Chatterjee, Rajen Makhijani, Yogesh Mittal
 LyricsManoj Muntashir
 Release Date04-Mar-2011

Movie Report
Yeh Faasley - 13689Yeh Faasley - 13688Yeh Faasley is a film written and directed by Yogesh Mittal. The film basicallt explores the father and daughter relationship. Yeh Faasley is an emotional journey with an appealing idea but the writers make a complete mess of it and what comes across on screen is cliched, formulaic and ridiculous.

The film unfolds the story of Arunima (Tena Desai) who comes back home after the completion of her studies, and is very thrilled to spend time with her dearest dad Devinder Devilal Dua (Anupam Kher). Her mother passed away long ago, when Arunima was a child, in a car accident. Devinder is a broad-hearted man, does everything to please his daughter, and not at all a strict dad. He even helps, Arunima's boyfriend Manu's sister, for her marriage.

In this way, everything was going on well, Arunima was happy with her dad, even though she missed her mom. But one day, she caught sight of a will made by her mom for her. She could not understand, why would her mother who was only 28, and died accidentally, leave a will? After she enquired a few people who knew her mother, she came to know that her mother was very different from what her father used to tell her. After that, Arunima meets an old friend of her mother, who says her mother was not happy with the marriage.

Eventually, her father comes out of his shell and the daughter gets to know how violent he gets at times. She is in a dilemma, and is disturbed by the fact that she suspects her father whom she loves the most, might be the reason for her mother's death. Her journey to unravel the paradox commences. Will she be able to unknot the mystery and take vengeance on the murderer even if it is her father? forms the rest of the story.

Performance wise, Anupam Kher delivers a tremendous performance. Tena Desai is brilliant. She proves her talent. Pawan malhotra is just okay. Suhasini Mulay, Rajendra Gupta, Seema Biswas and Natasha Sinha do not have much scope in the film. Sudha Chandran and Satyajit Sharma are competent.

On the whole, Yeh Faasley is not more than an average bollywood film. This may not be choice to watch for the weekend.