The Adolf Abode

It's been a while since Hitler was mentioned. Mentioned here, that is. Hitler is all over the place anywhere else you look. Seriously. Do a Google News search for Hitler. I turned up over ten full pages of stuff on Das Fuhrer. How is that possible? There isn't anything particularly Hitler-esque going on at the moment, so what's with all of the references? You know, he was pretty bad and all, but it's not like he was the worst dictator that ever lived or anything. I'm not trying to imply that Hitler gets a bad rap, because he pretty much gets the rap that he deserves. I'm just saying that I'd really like it if people could mix it up a little bit once in a while. Maybe a Mao reference or a nod to Stalin once in a while. Hideki Tojo, anyone? Pol Pot? Why have we forgotten about Pol Pot? Wow. I digress.

The point of this was to bring Hitler back to this blog. And I'm doing so by way of a picture of a house that was spotted someplace in Wales called Swansea. That's right a house. It's a house. And it looks like Hitler. It's pretty funny if you think about it. Then again, a house that looks like any human being would be pretty amusing. It just so happens that it's Hitler in this instance. It's still funny. Behold!

See? What? You don't see it? Of course you do! It's got the little mustache (previously known as "The Chaplin") and the parted hair! How about a side by side comparison? Behold!

It looks just like him! Will wonders never cease? I guess not. What's next? A shed that looks like Saddam Hussein? A condo sporting the features of Mussolini? Who knows? But stay tuned! The next ridiculous building appearance compared to that of a human is probably right around the corner.