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Born in 1988, Taapsee Bannu is gudiya Hailing from ethnic Punjabi city of Ludhiana.These years, the age of 22 charming young lady with a height of 5 '70 .6 "and personal from the 32 - 26-37 to a sense among young people in 2010.

School days:
Taapsee Banu, known as Tapsi "to friends and re-group peers and was a talking point on every tongue as a freshman or college GTBIT, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. Conquer class, complete with dances, re-they clearly indicate that it marks was not meant for the daily grind of being an engineer, but was more with the personality of a beautiful, killing smile and expressive face, and turned all Riquelme with words and rhythm of the songs - Taapsee Bannu was all that remained of the public in the strife natural state of Taapsee awe of Bannu. which governs South Today All College of Engineering possible in DelhiFaculty of individual festivals with dances re. Taapsee Convinced that the studies are not an obstacle to successful re-certification, but only to achieve the speed of the wave that they must slow down and focus on re-education and jobs, not the world's media.

Ramp walk:
Taapsee started this habit from the experience of different things in the disaster.Nothing was planned by the lack of support Taapsee or acquaintances in the industry. In dealing with modeling as a profession had difficulty in persuading parents to get back on the Green ticket. The World Gold Council, Vardhaman, Coca Cola, etc, and soon she was flooded with offers of iodine, was successful in a very short time. The next step was obvious. The success in re-work parents are convinced by the time of the Miss India contest and even more enthusiastic than Taapsee. He won one of 29 candidates from the top Miss India Pantaloons Women Taapsee 2008 competition for the titles is important - and pants Femina Miss Fresh Face and Femina Miss Beautiful skin net on April 5, 2008. From there, with interesting experiences for Taapsee treasure has come a long way to accomplish the brackets.

Celluloid Entry:
Taapsee Bannu, and today well-known South Indian actress and it all began with dance and modeling while seeking re-Engineeiring. Taapsee Bannu which contributes to the South Indian film actress and I love to re-normal performance in the film fraternity or Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. Even in the first tryst with the camera is re, which won rave reviews being beautiful natural performer. And directed the actress who debuted in Tamil films with Dhanush Aadukalam the opposite as the Anglo-Indian girl in Vetrimaran. Died did not contrary Telugu film Manoj Jummandhi Nadam.

Today Taapsee girl who is an excellent example of many of those who wish to follow their hearts and live the life of this mainly them busy with projects lined up for different languages in South India.

On a personal level:
Taapsee which always ends up doing something that is not expected to come out or re-following is really a new heart. A girl who likes to experience different things in the reconstruction of life, and loves to be Taapsee unexpected. Yes instinct that made the return to go to the biggest pageant in the course of the hardest degrees. Tasting success in the short period of time Taapsee who feels that life is too short to be wasted in merely thinking about doing things and later regretted the fact that he can not do so glad to have done than ever before.

In addition to dance, it is also a person with a passion markedly different. Such as Liu Taapsee real feel that the "completed successfully" Whatever they take in life is to restore passion. Hating life monotonous Taapsee is clear about the new future.Taapsee prefer to go ahead and pursue an MBA while continuing with the modeling side by side.

Speech Recognition and possession of rehabilitation on behalf of a superb combination of craftsmanship that she is sure to reach significant levels as the face of South film industry in the coming years.