Mudhal Idam Movie Review Gallery Stills, Mp3 songs

Mudhal Idam is AVM Productions 175th venture. It's a low-budget film directed by debutant Kumaran with loads of humour.


Yema Kunji (Vidharth) is a happy go-lucky-youngster in a village in Tamilnadu. He lives his life in his own way. The whole story revolves around him. He has a unique ambition in his life - to become the sought-after name in the most wanted list in the local police station. There is one Lythila (Kavitha Nair), daughter of a conductor. Yema falls in love with him. There are two local politicians (played by Nadodigal Thirumurugan and Pughazh). The hero plays spoilsport in their ambition to become MLA. There begins all trouble. There is Kishore who plays a pivotal role setting things in order. Both brainy and Brawny, our hero sets all things right and restores order wining the hands of his beloved.


Viddharth excels in the role. His nose for humor is evident. He leaves an impression playing a callous youth. Be it romance ear his actions inviting trouble, he is right there giving his best. His role is more like the one Vimal played in Kalavani. Watch out for Mall beauty Kavitha Nair. Homely yet glamorous, she is right there playing her part well. It is a dignified portrayal by Kishore. He lends solidity to the script with his act. The movie boasts of a huge star cast. Keerthi Chawla appears for a song shaking her legs.


It is a movie that is entertaining. Humor always sells. Knowing this well, debutant Kumaran has woven a script that is crisp and humors. All is predictable yet enthralling. The comedy is the USP of the film. However there are shades of Kalaivani in the movie. P Sellathurai has cranked the camera. He has captured the rustic beauty of the village well. D Imman's music is apt to the theme. A melody is soul-stirring. V T Vijayan's editing goes hand -in-hand with the story.