Orma Mathram - Movie Review

Orma Mathram - Movie Review

Dileep and Priyanka in Orma Maathram

Award winning director Madhu Kaithapram's latest venture Orma Maathram, which features Dileep in a serious look, was expected to give him a new image in the industry. But the movie looks like an old fashioned art film and its illogical script fails to engage the audience in its proceedings.

Orma Mathram is a family drama, which revolves around a father's pursuit for his lost son. Dileep's serious acting is the major attraction of the film. The movie throws light on some social issues like abortion, guilt, inter-caste marriage and child labor. But its old fashioned narration mars its beauty.

The main problem of the film is that director Madhu Kaithapram has chosen an unconvincing story. The movie is simply prosaic and its story moves along aimlessly with its uninspiring events. Some unwanted characters and slow paced narration add to the weak story.

Ajayan (Dileep) is a clerk at the office of Public Prosecutor Radhakrishna Warrier (Jagathy Sreekumar). He lives with his wife Safiya (Priyanka Nair) and their son Deepu in an old street. His wife decides to go for abortion, as she thinks that another child might split their love between the children. Meanwhile, there is a bomb blast, where their kid is lost and a fatal eye disease that is affecting Ajayan’s vision. What happens next will form the rest of the story.

As Ajayan, Dileep appears very serious in his kurtas and he has delivered a good performance to suit the story. Priyanka Nair has also given a decent performance. But their chemistry does not go well on screen. Dhanya Mary Varghese, Salim Kumar, Jagathy, Nedumudi, Manoj K jayan and others have nothing much to perform.

Kaithapram Viswanathan’s music and MJ Radhakrishnan’s camera work have failed to impress the viewers. Overall, Orma Mathram is a boring realistic movie, which can be avoided by the viewers.