Puli Vesham Movie Review

Puli Vesham Movie Cast and Crew

Director: P. Vasu
Music Director: Srikanth Deva
Cast : R K , Sada, Karthick

Thrilling effect is something that will bring the WoW ! effect, Goosebumps in people who are watching. A simple plot with a loose screenplay and dragging plot will not bring that thrilling effect in people. Elements with mix match will bring smile in audience Filmmaker P Vasu is back after a break to give a thriller in Puli Vesham. Starring RK, Sadha and Karthik in key roles, the movie has music by Srikanth Deva. Check out the review.


Puli Vesham revolves around RK, who plays a negative role. He is essaying a role of a youth who will do anything for money. He is a paid killer. 80’s heartthrob Karthik, is doing the role of a police officer. Interestingly in a twist in the tale, Karthik';s close friend is bumped off by a goon on a mistaken identity. He wants to bump off Karthik Muthuraman and wrongly murders his friend. There is a twist in the form of Sada and the encounter that brings Karthik and RK in straight line. What happens in the drama then forms the rest


RK captures the heart with his anti hero image. Complementing his positives and negatives the role is a tailor made to RK. A nice comeback for sizzling babe Sadha. Karthik as always with his bubbly nature makes his part very clear.


Rough and Tough character sketch will be portrayed very well with a racy script Fast and furious, rage, anger, everything is clearly reflected in every character’s role. A fine direction will not take away the impatience from audience. Srikanth Deva's music reminds one of Ilayaraja of his heydays. Peppy numbers adds beauty to the movie.