United 93 film information

United 93 (film)

United 93 (also known as Flight 93) is a British film, 2006's historical drama made in writing, co-produced and directed by Paul Greengrass that chronicles events aboard United Airlines Flight 93,which was held for 11 September. The film deals honestly say, as much as possible (there is a warning that there was a bit of imagination to be used) and in real time (the plane took off) what is known as the United States an iconic moment of heroism. According to the filmmakers, the film was made with the collaboration of many families of the passengers (there are some notable exceptions).

United 93 premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival April 26, 2006, New York, the festival was founded to celebrate New York City is a major film center and to promote long-term recovery of lower Manhattan.Many relatives of passengers aboard the flight attended the first show their support.