Murder of Meredith Kercher information

Murder of Meredith Kercher

 The murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy, November 1, 2007. Kercher, 21 years old, his death was a British college student in exchange of Coulsdon, south London. He said the upstairs apartment, three young women. He was stabbed and sexually, and his belongings had been stolen.

Rudy Guedes, a resident of Perugia, was sentenced October 28, 2008, sexual assault and murder Kerch. His conviction was confirmed quickly and is currently serving a sentence reduced to 16. Raffaele Sollecito, an Italian student, Amanda Knox, an American student and a roommate of Kerch, was convicted of sexual assault and murder in a separate study, 4 December 2009. They received sentences of 25 and 26 years. Knox and Sollecito have used. Their use began in December 2010 and will end in 2011.

Attempts have been the subject of news reports around the world, especially in Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States.  The coverage has been criticized for its tabloid in nature, rather than to present evidence with precision and passion.

Reactions to the action is polarized between the idea that Knox and Sollecito are the innocent victims of a miscarriage of justice , and the perception that they were directly involved in the murder and sentenced Kerch fairly.

Kercher Meredith Susanna Cara, known to his friends as "Mez", was born on December 28, 1985 , in Southwark, London, England, and lived in Coulsdon, south London. She had two older brothers and a sister. His father is a freelance journalist,  and her mother is a housewife who was born in India 


Kercher attended the Old Palace School in Croydon , and then earned a degree in European Studies at the University of Leeds. At the time of his murder, he studied one year at the University of Perugia, as part of the Erasmus exchange program .

In Perugia, he shared a flat with Amanda Knox and two Italian women . His body was found in his room on the afternoon of November 2, 2007 by police and partners. Two phones, two credit cards and 300 euros in cash were stolen at the time of the murder. His funeral was held Dec. 14 in the parish church of Croydon, with over 300 people attended.  She received a posthumous degree from the University of Leeds.