JooJoo information


The JooJoo was a tablet PC based on Linux. It was produced by the Fusion Garage Singapore Development Studio. Fusion Garage original works with Michael Arrington of release as CrunchPad, but in November 2009 Fusion Garage Arrington advised that she would sell the product alone. Arrington responded by filing a complaint against Fusion Garage.

The work by Michael Arrington CrunchPad was launched in July 2008, initially the target of U.S. $ 200 a tablet, and showed the first prototype (a prototype) a month later.  the beginning of 2009, a working prototype B was introduced on TechCrunch, led by Louis Monier, which is based on a 12-inch LCD, VIA Nano processor, Linux and Ubuntu customized browser based on Webkit. The device was quickly prototype, which Dynacept and a customized version of Ubuntu has been compiled by Fusion Garage, who announces the end of B prototype, there was a desire to come to the production of tablets.  Louis Monier has worked closely with garage project leader of the Fusion team.

Initially, in 2008, $ 200 is mentioned that the target price range. In the first half of 2009, $ 300 was mentioned as more likely. In late July 2009, the news said that the real price of the ship when it was in November 2009 would be about $ 400, with potential competition makes netbooks and low-end laptops.
The project has generated some press and was featured in The Washington Post  and other media.
In July 2009 it was reported that Arrington founded a company of 14 employees around the tablet (CrunchPad Inc.) in Singapore, and that there would be a public presentation of a finished product later this month.

In late September 2009, the lack of advertising to Dan Frommer CrunchPad The Business Insider ask for in a paper title, "Where is the CrunchPad?" Apple and Microsoft is rumored to work on the new tablet computers, receiving more coverage in the media .

At the beginning of October 2009 Popular Mechanics magazine CrunchPad recognized with an award as one of the top 10 most brilliant products in 2009 "Top 10 most brilliant gadgets, tools and toys that you can buy in 2009."  Other organizations questioned the adequacy of CrunchPad prize has not had to buy at release.
And Gillmor Gang podcasts '12 November 2009, Michael Arrington announced that the product is a "steam rolling along", that the rumors of high prices are not true, and that the product is likely to retail at U.S. $ 300-400 , which can be supported by features that are sponsored, but does not alter the user experience (similar to Firefox search bar).
15. August 2011 JooJoo successor and the new smartphones announced after the company has "TABC" was presented, was actually a Fusion Garage. Declaration contained a tablet and a smartphone called the grid 10 (10.1-inch tablet), and Grid 4 (4 inch Smartphone) Both GridOS, fork the Android operating system.