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Last Man Standing

 Last Man Standing is a 1996 action film written and directed by Walter Hill, starring Bruce Willis, Christopher Walken, and Bruce Dern. And 'credited remake of Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo. The film is primarily known for its intense shootouts, where the character of Bruce Willis dual wielding two pistols caliber M1911 0.45, style reminds Hong Kong Blood Opera, despite seven-round magazine capacity, can not see to shoot over 30 shots without reloading.

The era of Prohibition, Texas, drives a mysterious figure (who identifies himself as later, "John Smith") (Bruce Willis) to Jericho, near the Mexican border. The city is almost deserted apart from two warring gangs bootleg - the Italians at Strozzi and Doyle in the Irish - which led other residents away, except the bartender Joe Monday (William Sanderson), an undertaker and a corrupt sheriff (Bruce Dern) all who earn their living by responding to criminal elements of Jericho.

Smith immediately establishes a reputation for outdrawing and the killing of top scorer Doyle, brazen act that gets the attention of both bands. Smith is immediately hiring a band that Strozzi Strozzi (Ned Eisenberg) to predict the future is a war between gangs. Seeing an opportunity to make some easy money when you travel to Mexico, begins to play a two gangs against each other. This includes the Strozzi seduces lover, Lucy (Alexandra Powers), and Doyle, slipping through the information band of the sheriff.

Gang war starts when the truck Strozzi suborns corrupt Mexican police captain Doyle escorting a convoy through Mexico Doyle (David Patrick Kelly). Mexican police murder of Doyle men and turn the truck was moved Strozzi.

Smith closes Strozzi and Doyle band for hire, providing valuable information with him. The right arm Doyle, Hickey (Christopher Walken), interrupts a meeting between Mexican police captain and Strozzi cousin Giorgio (Michael Imperioli). After killing the captain (with a border patrol agent corrupt), Hickey taken hostage Giorgio Strozzi and Doyle requires abandoning all its operations to change it. Strozzi forces in a stalemate for the kidnapping Felina (Karina Lombard), Doyle's lover in captivity. Doyle agrees to exchange the two prisoners and two bands are scattered.

Smith, summoned by the sheriff to meet with Captain Tom Pickett (Ken Jenkins) is the Texas Rangers, who have upset the death of Border Patrol agents. He warns that it can not tolerate gang of Jericho, but not two, and if more than one remains in Jericho after ten days, he leads a team of Rangers in Jericho and then clean the two bands.

Lucy Smith is and reveals that Strozzi, irritated after the trade, was beaten and had his ear cut Giorgio when he revealed his relationship with Smith. Smith gives a little money and put it on a bus in Jericho. The next day, Smith conveys a false rumor that Strozzi bring more soldiers. Playing with Doyle's obsession with cats, it is frightening that Strozzi Doyle try to remove it again, and Doyle Smith directs or cat is hiding. Smith kills men maintain Felina and returns with a car and a wad of cash.